Advanced Hair Designs takes over improving outward appearance, and can add to the benefits of dermatology and therapy. You meet privately with Marcia Anderson, with over 25 years experience in Hair Replacement. Marcia is a professional cosmetologist, certified in Trichotillomania.

Advanced Hair Designs is a Member Personal Service Provider of the Trichotillomania Learning Center providing advice, literature and information.

Advanced Hair Designs offers a wide variety of human and synthetic hair products. Their non-surgical methods offer semi-permanent attachments that are customized to fit you personally.

Marcia Anderson, owner and technician, has more than ten years of experience and first hand knowledge helping women of all ages with Trichotillomania to look and feel good about their appearance.


  • Private and comfortable setting
  • Sensitive and compassionate one on one service
  • Discrete and confidential attention
  • Committed to help clients look and feel good about
    their appearance
  • Always positive and supportive
  • Non-surgical semi-permanent attachments
  • Customized fit, color, body and length



More than a System - A Solution!

  • The latest advances in hair replacement technology
  • Vast sources for hair replacement units
  • Hair products from around the world
  • Color matched to your natural color
  • Custom designed fit, body, color and length of hair
  • Always putting your appearance first
  • The technician is the owner and assures your satisfaction
  • Consistent Coloring documented by Computerized Database
  • Flexible replacement options let you choose when new hair is cut in


CUSTOM HAIR REPLACEMENT designed to fit by casting a mold of the client's head. The density, length, color and the degree of curl, wave or straightness of hair are brought together in a design created for each individual client. Each region of the scalp is given a specific density or thickness of hair to create a look to make the you look your best. Human hair is hand vented to a custom molded base material to custom craft a Non-surgical Hair Replacement unit. The Hair is then blended with yours in a semi-permanent attachment. Advanced Hair offers various techniques of attaching the Hair Replacement unit to your own hair or scalp.


STOCK HAIR UNITS can offer clients a means to look their best at a modest cost. Advanced Hair Designs has resources to provide a vast selection of stock units with various means of attachment, base material, sizes and endless colors. Human hair or synthetic with a variation of natural appearing color make our clients look their best.


TECHNICIAN IS THE OWNER: If you have previously been a hair replacement client at the chain clubs and the only thing that hurt worse than loosing your hair to begin with, was the disappointment of inconsistent hair systems, and how fast you lost the money from your wallet with monthly plan rates. When you choose Advanced Hair Designs, you no longer having to get used to a new hair technician every time one of their help quit. No strange surprises in having your hair colored, as Advanced Hair Designs provides consistent coloring always recorded in their database. Purchase or replace hair systems when you choose. Better value for your dollar and time savings by not having to start over each time a staff person leaves. Marcia provides confidential and discrete attention to each client.



Advanced Hair Designs provides professional coloring. Color that appears natural. Color that is precisely matched from your hair to Hair Replacement units or extensions.

Consistent color is guaranteed and assured by precise records store in our computerized database.

Natural coloring that never looks scorched or bleached or fake. Your best appearance is our first goal so we use only top grade professional coloring products.





Advanced Hair Designs provides and attaches professional hair extensions.

Only the highest quality of hair assuring that your extended hair looks natural and enhances to appearance of your own hair.


  • Add Length to your own hair
  • Add fullness to your hair
  • Enhance the body to your hair
  • Professional semi-permanent attachment












Marcia Anderson, has over 25 years experience in Hair Replacement. A skilled Hair Technician, she is a master at professional coloring and color matching client's hair to Hair Replacement units. Discretion and privacy is assured by Marcia. She is a Member Personal Service Provider of the Trichotillomania Learning Center providing advice, literature and information. When you choose Advanced Hair Designs, Marcia Anderson is the only person you will deal with.








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