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I have been a client at Advanced Hair Designs for over 9 years. As someone with trichotillomania, and obvious hair loss, I was apprehensive about sharing my disorder with someone outside my family and open myself up so vulnerably. However, once I met Marcia for a consultation, I was immediately put at ease with her kindness, respect and knowledge of hair replacement systems. She never once judged me or my condition, she simply wanted to help me feel good about myself and make me feel for normal in my appearance. I currently wear a custom system that Marcia helped me select, and because it is made from real human hair, it looks like my own hair. No one has ever questioned me about my hair or asked me about it. I've only received compliments on how cute my hair style is. Even members of my own family don't know I am wearing a hair system.


I feel confident and normal and am so blessed to have found someone who cares about me, my happiness, and my appearance. I would highly recommend Marcia Anderson to anyone - those who have tricotillomania or other hair/skin conditions and need special services or those who simply want a terrific stylist. You will find everything you need at Advanced Hair Designs.



Tricotillomainia Testimonial


I noticed my hair was thinning in my mid-twenties. I tried cutting my hair short, volumizing products and coloring to make it appear fuller.


After the birth of my first child, my hair was thinner than ever. So uncomfortable with the appearance of my hair I received medical advice from a dermatologist. She told me that my options were a wig, rogaine, or hair transplant in combination with rogaine. I was discouraged by all of these options; I just wanted my own hair.


Months later, I saw a cousin who had very thin hair. This time her hair was thick and there were no signs of her scalp. She confessed to me she has a hair replacement unit. After many questions, and a few months, I found myself at Marcia's door.


Once I received my hair unity, my self-confidence soared. I am now able to do anything I want to do - go swimming, go outside on a windy day, and blow dry my full head of hair!


Because of Marcia, I no longer worry about people staring at my scalp through my thinning hair, because now, they are just looking at me!


--Lesley C., Eden Prairie, MN

Thinning Hair Testimonial



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